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Acid dye formulas designed to match a pantone® color.

*Pantone® numbers and swatches are used for color comparisons only. Acid dye formulas are not affiliated with or endorsed by Pantone®.

The process is simple. First select the colors you wish to match and submit your color request below.

Color matching was formulated using an 80/20 superwash wool/nylon yarn blend but formulas can be applied to mohair, alpaca, silk, nylon and other fibers receptive to acid dyes. For optimal color matching results use white undyed yarn or fiber, but beautiful colors can be achieved with light grays and browns as well!

If you’re newer to dyeing you can read about my dyeing process and some helpful suggestions to achieve the closest colors in my “Dyeing Tips & Methods” PDF.

When you’re ready to begin the color matching process, scroll down to start with Step 1 below.



To order a formula you will need to start with a Pantone® color. If you don’t have access to a Pantone® “Formula Guide Uncoated” book, you can search for an uncoated Pantone® color from Pantone’s® website by clicking here. Be sure to record the number to submit later for matching.

Make sure the color you select is from the “Formula Guide Uncoated” Pantone® book. If you select colors from a different formula book the dye formula your order may not match. Searching for a color, instead of scrolling down and clicking one, may yield colors from different color books. To be certain, the number should end with the letter U for uncoated (ex. 506 U)

After finding a color you would like to match, record the number and continue with Step 2 below.

NOTE: the color depicted on your monitor will be close to the formula guide book, but due to variations in monitors, the color of the formula might be slightly different on fiber.


If you are starting with a photograph you can use this tool to upload a photograph (click here) . Once the photograph is uploaded you can click on the photo to select a color area and choose the Pantone® color that you would like to match.

NOTE: that the color found in your photo will be a Pantone® C or coated color, check on Pantone’s® website for the U or uncoated color. As an example click here and do a search for color 506 and note the difference between the Coated vs. Uncoated color.

When the color you select to match is depicted on your monitor it will be close to the Pantone® swatch in the “Formula Guide Uncoated” book, but due to variations in monitors, the color of the formula might be slightly different on fiber.

After finding a color number you would like to match, record the number and continue with Step 2 below.


Using the order form at the bottom of this page, select the number of formulas you want to purchase.


1-2 formulas = $15 each

3-4 formulas = $14 each

5-9 formulas = $13 each

10-19 formulas = $12 each

20+ formulas = contact me for bulk formula pricing.


A form will pop up asking you to input the weight of fiber you wish to dye and the Pantone® number you wish to match. If the weight field is left blank the formula you receive will be adjusted for dyeing 100 grams of fiber and you can make the necessary mathematical changes based on your needs.

Please note the following:

  • There are many variables that might influence the outcome of your colors and these formulas are intended for someone with some experience dyeing yarn/fiber, using dye studio equipment such as 1mL and 10mL syringes, mixing a 1% dye stock solution, prepping fiber or yarn for dyeing, and following dye safety procedures. Each dyer is unique in how they apply dye to their fiber so the formula presented is merely an ingredient list, not a step by step recipe with detailed instructions. If you would like to read more about how I mix up my dyes, apply my dyes, and get the best results using these formulas, you can read my “Dyeing Tips & Methods” PDF.

  • Different lighting conditions (i.e. fluorescent lighting vs natural lighting), color differences in monitors, color differences in printers, the use of naturally colored yarn/fiber (non-white), and fiber types different than those used during testing may influence the way the colors appear. The formulas provided are to give the customer a very close starting point to color matching a Pantone® color with a very high success rate when using optimal color matching materials and conditions. The formulas will work on all fibers dyeable with acid dyes.

  • Due to the variable nature of dyeing conditions minor modifications might need to be made to get the exact color you wish to match. Such variables can include but are not limited to: water used, time allotted for dye absorption, dye lots from dye manufacturers, acids used, and dye application methods. Dyers are encouraged to do a 10 gram test swatch before dyeing large quantities to ensure accuracy of color.

  • Some formulas might require more than one brand of dye to be mixed in addition to multiple dye colors. After receiving the formula you can definitely try substituting whatever brands/colors you have on hand, but know that the colors might not be as accurate as using the exact specified brands and colors.

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