F.A.Q. - Color Matching

How can I see what the color will look like if I don’t have the Pantone® uncoated formula guide?

The best way to see how the color will appear on fiber is to look at the color swatches from the Pantone® Uncoated Formula Guide. If you don’t have access to that, the next best solution would be to find a comparable paint swatch since the colors on your monitor or printer may be misleading. To find the corresponding brand of paint and color options, visit https://encycolorpedia.com/ and enter the hex number provided on the Pantone® uncoated color number page. To locate this information and obtain a physical color swatch, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Pantone’s® color finder website (click here).

  2. Enter the Pantone U color number (example 143).

  3. Scroll down until you see the Pantone Formula Guide Uncoated U color number (example 143U) .

  4. Copy the HEX/HTML number. (example F6A04D)

  5. Visit encycolorpedia.com and paste the HEX/HTML number into the search bar and click “Search”.

  6. Scroll down and find a brand of paint that is available to you locally and has close match to the color (example Sherwin-Williams Osage Orange - 6890)

  7. Visit a local store that carries that paint brand and ask for a color swatch. This will yield a closer more accurate color comparison than viewing the color on your monitor or a print out, but it won’t be as close as the Pantone Uncoated Formula Guide swatch.

Always dye a test swatch first before dyeing an entire project’s worth of yarn/fiber to ensure satisfaction with the color match.


The color matching system works best when using dyes from PRO Washfast Acid dyes, Greener Shades dyes, and Dharma Acid dyes. If you don’t have these dyes on hand, or if they are not available to you locally, first try whatever dyes you do have available that are as close to the suggested dye colors in the formula. If after doing a test swatch you aren’t pleased with your preferred dye brands then try ordering the suggested colors. The system does work across brands, but dependable substitutions haven’t been tested at this time. The formulas serve as a starting point to help you get closer to your desired end color and can be modified and adjusted according to your needs.

Can I use any brand of dyes?


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