When she was little her grandmother taught her how to crochet and one of her favorite pastimes was untangling bakery string knots. It wasn’t soon after that she learned how to do cross stitch, which led to embroidery, crazy quilting, spinning, dyeing, knitting, weaving & felting. She also loves drawing, painting, and playing with color.

Alanna is excited about combining her love of fibers and teaching by writing books and leading workshops sharing her passion with others. Traveling, meeting new people, and making bad jokes are also high on her to-do list. If you’re interested in having her come do a workshop for your guild or fiber event you can contact her here. If you want to see the latest projects she’s working on (and get a taste of her sense of humor) you can check out her Instagram account @spinnybuns or look at some of her recent posts below.

Also if you're wondering where she got her nickname from, spinnybuns, it's a term of endearment her husband called her one day and it stuck. 


Sometimes at the end of a long day, putting on a warm hat with a beard and yelling in the woods can really soothe the soul.