A New Spin on Color

Have you ever tried spinning painted top or rovings only to be disappointed with the color outcomes in your yarns or finished projects?

This book will clearly and artfully walk you through understanding color theory making it less intimidating for both novice and expert spinners alike.

Never before has a book presented the same dyed top worked up into 20+ different approaches accompanied by easy to follow directions so you can see how the techniques look in both a skein and a knitted swatch. Plus there are photos of finished products accompanying the techniques to make envisioning the spinning application even easier.

After reading this book you will be inspired to delve into your stash with a new eye and excitement for color in your spinning.

Check out the gallery below to look inside the book and read reviews from the most influential spinners making yarn today!


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A New Spin on Color
Soft cover book - $40

A New Spin on Color
Digital (PDF or ePub) - $20



Your book is beautiful and has so many great and well illustrated ideas, I had a blast reading it!
— Jillian Moreno
I have spent 90% of the the last 10 years focused on raw fleece and undyed processed wool. I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about hand painted fibers. When I sat down with this book I suddenly had a desire to start playing with some of those painted beauties I have been collecting for years and then just admiring on the shelf.
— Beth Smith

(excerpt from her review, for the full review you can check out her blog here)

If you’ve ever been attracted to a brightly-dyed braid of combed top or roving, only to be disappointed when you tried to knit with the finished yarn, this is the book for you. Art teacher Alanna Wilcox has spent years experimenting with spinning for color, and she has compiled all of her experiences into this book that is beautiful to look at and packed with stuff you want to know. Whether you’re new to the color scene or an experienced dyer, there’s something for you to learn from this book. Alanna starts with a foundation of theory and then guides you through the process of preparation and spinning for solids, barber poling, stripes, heathered yarns, and blended colors. The step-by-step photos and graphics will show you precisely what to do, and her friendly style keeps you from getting intimidated.
— Ply Magazine, Winter 2017 Scene Book Review
It’s incredible; I haven’t seen anyone go as thoroughly and as methodically into spinning differently dyed fiber and how to spin the differently dyed fiber to get what you want.If you are a spinner, this book is a must-have. I’ve never seen such a marvelously thorough and original book on spinning from dyed top before; it should be a staple of all spinner’s reference libraries.
— Krista McCurdy (Pigeonroof Studios Blog)
It’s a lovely book from an experienced spinner and teacher. Highly recommend!
— Blue Moon Fiber Arts blog
What a TERRIFIC job you did with this book! Beyond belief!!! This color work needs to be put on every spinner’s plate. With all the fantastic Indie dyers out there now you have addressed a topic that should and now has been addressed! And very well done!
— Deb S. - Rochester, NY
Your book is not only beautiful but full of information I was hoping to see to complete the knowledge you gave us during the workshop.
— Linda P.

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