Intermediate spinning


 Once you're able to spin a continuous (but not necessarily a consistent yarn) this workshop will help you elevate your spinning skills. This workshop focuses on how to get out of your go-to spinning rut once you’ve mastered spinning and plying on your wheel. Now that you’re able to make yarn, you might want to learn how to spin consistently, fine tune your yarn's thickness, and spin to suit specific projects. We'll build on your knowledge of yarn construction giving you more tools to put in your spinning repertoire. 

What you need to know before taking the workshop:

  • how to spin a continuous yarn on a wheel
  • how to ply from 2 bobbins.

You'll leaving know how to:

    • spin yarns other than your go-to yarn (thicker and thinner weight yarns)
    • approach spinning different wool fiber preparations
    • use different drafting techniques
    • how to analyze yarn, assessing their qualities and how that translates to how they function in an end product

    1/2 day

    Length of workshop: