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Each participant submits one question about spinning prior to the workshop with a minimum of one month’s notice and the goal is by the end of the workshop each question will be answered. This allows each participant to leave learning something new and specific to help them on their personal journey with spinning but also see the interconnectedness of how choices influence our yarn creation. Due to the organic nature of this workshop students are asked to provide one question and a minimum of 1 month notice to prepare the materials for the workshop. Information about what students should bring to the workshop will be sent out via email two weeks prior to the workshop.

What you need to know before taking the workshop:

the organic nature of this workshop is dependent on the overall skill level of the participants.

You'll leaving know how to:

    • do at least one thing you didn’t know how to do prior to taking the workshop but potentially a lot more!

    Group size determines class length

    • 6 participants for half a day
    • 12 participants for a full day
    • 20 participants for 2 days

    Length of workshop: