12+ ways to spin painted top for different color outcomes

*This workshop is based off of my book “A New Spin On Color”


 Did you ever purchase a hand painted top and spin it only to be disappointed in the final color outcome? This workshop analyzes how dyed tops and rovings are painted and how the fiber can be spun in 12+ ways to yield different color combinations in the final yarn. The focus will be on color and how to achieve beautiful color results instead of mud.

What you need to know before taking the workshop:

  • how to spin a continuous yarn on a spinning wheel
  • how to ply using 2 bobbins

You'll leaving know how to:

    • Chain or Navajo ply yarn
    • work with the same painted top and produce 12 different color combinations in your final handspun yarn
    • look at your stash with a better understanding of color theory to make choices before you spin that will yield beautiful colored yarns

    Full day but can be made into a 2 or 3 day workshop and cover 20+ yarns

    Length of workshop: